How to make Homemade Buttermilk

Here is a step by step tutorial on how make Homemade Buttermilk. This yogurt drink is sweet and creamy and makes a wonderful drink to have with any meal!

  • raw organic cows milk
  • yogurt starter
  • butter churn
  • fine woven colander
  • large pot

First you have to boil the milk. Here we have about 25 liters of milk. As soon as it boils, turn off the flame and let it sit until the temperature reaches 110 degrees. Then place 15 spoons of curd starter and let it set over night.

This is our finished pot of curd that we let sit over night. We are using big blocks of ice to cool down the curd to 60 degrees.

Now it is time to churn some butter! We are using our homemade butter churn.

Learn: How to make a homemade butter churn

35 minutes have gone by and the butter has separated from the buttermilk.

Here you can very easily see how the butter has separated from the buttermilk. It should be very easy to scoop out.

Separate the butter using a spoon that has holes in it.

Here we are straining the buttermilk through a very fine colander in order to get out all remaining butter and milk solids.

Example of a large colander for big volumes of buttermilk. Mmmmmmmm

Now you have clean pure buttermilk ready to offer to Kṛṣṇa! You can add any flavor that you like to it. We like it with just sugar most of the time. So Yummmmmmmmy!

We store the buttermilk in large containers to use through out the week.

Fresh Buttermilk!!!!!! Super healthy wholesome natural drink.

This is the cultured butter we got from this batch. Here I am cleaning the butter with cold water.

Make sure to get as much buttermilk water out as you can so the butter doesn’t go bad so quickly. We actually just cook the cultured butter immediately and make ghee. We usually get a half liter of ghee out of this.

Cultured Butter! Ready to make some ghee!!