How to make Ghee

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make pure ghee.

  • 2 cups cultured butter
  • small heavy based pot
  • stainless steel spoon
  • stainless steal small mesh colander
  • small bowl


You will find that pretty much every recipe you see in this website calls for ghee. Why? There are so many amazing health benefits that ghee has to offer! We learn from shastra how incredible it is for health and healing, and it’s also used for spiritual activities. Not every ghee is pure though. Pure ghee is made from organic milk which is then turned into yogurt. Then the yogurt is churned into a cultured butter. From there the butter is melted down and turned into a golden medicinal ghee, which is what this tutorial will be showcasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to post your comments below. Hare Kṛṣṇa!


Here is an example of what you will need while preparing the ghee. A small colander, large spoon and a bowl to hold the milk solids.



First place the cultured butter into a small pot and set the flame on the lowest possible setting.

Here the butter has been cooking for a few minutes and is melting nicely.

This is after 5 minutes. Do not take this foam out yet. It is mostly water that is evaporating. Let it cook some more.

In the meantime, prepare your glass jar which you will use to store the ghee. Place a coffee filter with 2 cloth pins to hold it in place at the top of the jar. We are going to strain the ghee through this when it is finished cooking.

The butter has now been cooking for about 10 minutes. It is still cloudy and the water is still evaporating.

Now stir and scrape the bottom to loosen any milk solids.

Now it has been cooking for about 15 minutes. You can start to see the solids floating and the butter is becoming more transparent as it is slowly transforming into ghee.


Now it is time to begin taking out the floating solids. You can use a large stainless steel spoon like this or a ladle.

Better than a spoon or ladle, I use a small mesh and get all the solids out this way. It is much faster and easier.

Continue scraping the bottom and scooping out all the solids.


Now the ghee has been cooking for about 20 minutes. You can see that it is now becoming even more transparent.

You will know when it is done when the bottom solids in the pan begin to turn black. Now take it off the flame as soon as you see this and you are done. Let the ghee cool about 10 minutes before placing in the jar.

Note: As you see in the picture, there are still some white bubbles on the top. That means there is still water in the ghee. This is not good if you plan to store the ghee for many, many months or even years. But if you are going to use it within the next month then do not worry about the water. If you plan to store the ghee for a long time then follow the process of straining the ghee through a coffee filter and then adding the ghee back into a clean pot and cook some more until all the water is out and you see no more bubbles. Then you can store the ghee for centuries!



Now I am pouring the ghee through the coffee filter a little at a time.

Let the ghee drain a little through the filter and then add more ghee.

This is what the pot should look like. Not too many solids and not too burnt.

Continue filtering the ghee.

These are the milk solids that came out of the butter. Depending on the quality of your butter, you may have more or less.

Now here is the finished product! Pure medicinal ghee! It makes any dish taste extremely amazing!