Homemade Rustic Corn Tortillas

Learn a simple method on how to make rustic homemade corn tortillas, Mexican style!

  • 5 cups whole dried corn
  • 1 cup lime powder (also called pickling lime)
  • ghee
  • salt

First you will need to soak the corn overnight. Place the corn into a large pot.

We will soak the corn in lime, which is a caustic white powder that is used to help burn off the hard skin of the corn and also makes the corn more digestible and nutritious. This powder is also called pickling lime and you can get it in most Indian or Asian stores.

Place the lime and 10 cups of water into the pot.

Stir it to combine nicely and let it sit over night.

Here is what it looks like the next day. The skin has softened and in most parts has been completely burned off.

Now it will need to be washed thoroughly. Place the corn into a colander and allow the water to run over it for about 5 minutes. Use your hand and fingers to rub the corn to break off any excess skin.

Next place a small amount of corn, about a cup at a time, into the blender and sprinkle with a little salt and a tiny bit of water.

Blend until it looks more or less like this.

Then finish off the blending using a hand blender until you have a dough like this.

Ok, now you are ready to prepare the tortillas. It is best to use a nonstick surface. Here in Mexico they use a plastic bag and cut it into a circle like you see here. Then take a small piece of corn dough and roll into a ball and place in the center of the circle.

Then press it into a flat circle like you see here.

Now continue using your fingers and the palm of your hand and gently begin hitting the dough in order to stretch it out into a thinner circle.

Continue pressing until you get the desired tortilla size you want.

Now you are ready to cook it. Using a nonstick pan heated on medium/high, sprinkle a little ghee. Then grab the plastic circle with the rolled out dough and flip upside down using your other hand to catch the tortilla underneath. Gently allow the tortilla to peal off the plastic into your hand. Then place on the pan and sprinkle with a little more ghee.

Cook on both sides until nice and golden. Continue cooking the remaining tortilla dough.

That is it! Now you are ready to offer to Kṛṣṇa with love and devotion!