Fried Jackfruit with a Crunchy Whole Spice Crust

Unique and very delicious side dish!


    •    half fresh unripe jackfruit
    •    2 cups whey
    •    1/2 cup yogurt
    •    1/2 tsp salt
    •    1 cup whole wheat flour

For the whole spice mixture:

    •    4 tbsp coriander seeds
    •    2 tbsp whole peppercorn
    •    1 tbsp cumin seeds
    •    1 tbsp mustard seeds
    •    1/2 tbsp fennel seeds
    •    1/2 tbsp fenugreek seeds

First we are going to make the whole spice mixture. Heat a small pan on medium low heat and add the coriander and whole peppercorn seeds. Pan fry them until the coriander seeds begin to brown. When they brown add to a blender. Next add the mustard, cumin and fennel seeds to the pan and fry until brown and popping slightly then add to the blender. Finally add the fenugreek seeds and pan fry until they begin to brown. (the fenugreek seeds will brown very quickly so make sure not to burn them.) Then add to the blender. Now blend the whole spices for about 3 minutes. Next pour the spices into a colander with very small wholes and begin sifting the powdered spices. We are going to be using the chunky part of the whole spices that did not get through the sifter for this recipe. There should be about 1/3 cup of the broken whole spices. You can store and use the powdered spices that were sifted through the colander for other recipes.

The next step is to pre-cook the jackfruit. Chop up the unripe jackfruit meat into large chunks and place in a pressure cooker. Then add the whey, or water if you do not have any whey. Pressure cook on high until you hear the whistle. Reduce the heat to low and continue cooking for 5 more minutes. After 5 minutes turn the heat off and begin releasing the pressure immediately. We do not want to continue the cooking process beyond 5 minutes or the jackfruit will become mushy. Drain the jackfruit and set aside.

Time to make the crust preparations. In a small bowl add the broken whole spice mixture, whole wheat flour and 1/2 tsp salt. Mix together until nicely combined. In a separate bowl add about 1/2 yogurt.

Heat up a pot of oil for frying. Heat until about 350F/175C. Then take a piece of jackfruit and dip into the milk and completely cover. Then dip the drenched jackfruit into the powdered mixture and completely cover the jackfruit on all sides. Then place in the fryer. Follow this step again and fry only about 6 pieces at a time. Fry until golden brown on all sides. Then place on a paper towel to absorb the access oil. Continue frying until you have cooked all the jackfruit.

That is it! Now you are ready to offer to Kṛṣṇa with love and devotion!