Easy Homemade Whey Powder

Don’t have an immediate use for all your precious whey? Preserve it for future use with this easy compact method!

  •  any amount of whey (only whey from cheesemaking, not yogurt whey. Yogurt whey will not dry work with this process)

Note: The more whey you have the longer it takes to boil down. I boiled about 1 liter of whey in this example, it took 30 minutes. I also boiled 8 liters and it took a few hours. The good thing is you don’t have to babysit the whey, like milk, when boiling. It never boils over. Once it has reduced by 75% then you need to stay near and stir often.

Add your whey to a non stick pan and bring to a rolling boil on medium high heat.

When the whey has reduced by 75% (meaning only 25% whey is remaining) then you need to stay close to the whey and stir often until the whey thickens.

As the whey thickens it will look similar to egg yolk in color and consistency. At this time turn the heat to low and constantly stir the whey and scrape from the sides of the pan to prevent burning.

Soon after the whey will transform into a melted caramel consistency and quickly thereafter will begin to harden.

Then just seconds after that it will turn into crumbs like this. That is it!

Turn off the heat and add the crumbs to a blender and blend into a powder.

Store in the fridge or freezer for longer shelf life.

The whey powder quickly dissolves again into liquid form by adding a little water.


Use as a broth to flavor veggies, rice and soups

Make Whey Ginger Lemonade

Use in smoothies and baking for added protein