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Cheesy Bean Enchiladas

I used a mix of white beans and black. I like to mix things up a bit.

Ok, I know that unless you live in Mexico you cannot find this fresh corn dough. But no worries, just use any corn tortillas you have. I will still show you the authentic way to make corn tortillas.

I use a tortilla masher with some plastic wrap to prevent the dough from sticking. Just roll a small piece of dough in the center of the press and press once and Hari bol! You have a tortilla!

Tortillas on the hot pans!

Ahhh, fresh corn tortillas!

Now time to make the sauce. Take all your ingredients and place in a blender.

Blend it up until it is a smooth sauce.

Now add ghee to the pot and then immediately the raw tomato sauce.

Add your spices and cook for about 10 minutes until the tomatoes are fully cooked.

Place one cup of sauce on the bottom of your baking dish.


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