Lentils and Soaked Corn Burger Patties

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Lentils and Soaked Corn Burger Patties


These unique burger patties are made with ground whole soaked corn and cooked lentils making these burgers a complete protein for a vegetarian diet. They are satisfyingly delicious!


    •    2 cups cooked lentils prepared the day before
    •    2 cups ground soaked corn
    •    handful of fresh oregano, thyme and rosemary
    •    1 tbsp ghee
    •    1 tsp mustard seeds
    •    1 tsp cumin seeds
    •    1 tsp salt
    •    1 tsp pepper


  1. First you have to soak whole corn kernels overnight. It is best to soak them with a little pickling lime. You can get this from your Indian grocery store. The next day clean the corn kernels nicely and if you have a grain grinder you can use this or you can grind them up in your blender adding a little water. Do not add too much water because we need to have a paste like consistency for the burger patties.

  2. Prepare your lentils as you normally would except they should not be watery. It is best if you can prepare the lentils the day before and place in the refrigerator to cool. When the lentil cool they become very thick and paste like.

  3. Next place the ground soaked corn, lentils, fresh garden herbs, salt and pepper into a mixing bowl. Combine everything using your hands. Again it should be nice and dough like.

  4. Next heat up the ghee in a saucepan and add the mustard and cumin seeds. When the mustard seeds begin to spatter, remove from heat and add to the dough. Mix it in using a spoon and then again use your hands to combine further. That is it, now you are ready to fry them up!

  5. Using a non-stick skillet, turn the heat on medium. Begin making burger patties using the dough. Do not make them too thick or there may be a chance that it does not cook fully through. Then add a little ghee to the skillet and begin pan frying the patties. Cook until golden on both sides. About 2-3 minutes each side. Continue until all the dough is finished.

  6. You can use these patties for sandwiches, burgers or even just by themselves! Don’t forget to offer to Kṛṣṇa with love and devotion!

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