Learn how to make medicinal pure Ayurvedic Ghee


After doing tons of research we finally found the pure Ayurvedic cultured ghee recipe! You know, the ghee that we read about in the Vedas that have all of these incredible medicinal qualities. Most people just think you melt butter and take the water and solids out and that is pure ghee. Well not exactly. We read that the gopis get up very early in the morning before sunset, when it is still a little cool out, and they churn curd to make butter which then is turned into ghee. Back then they did not have these man made yogurt starters that actually originated in Europe. They had to have used natural ingredients to make their curd. After research we found that in India they use tamarind with milk to create a natural culture from the air and then use that culture to make curd. This is how we are making our milk products everyday. Totally natural, nothing man made. We believe that this is how they must have done it eons ago which makes us also believe that this is pure natural ghee that Kṛṣṇa loved to eat right out of the clay pots. :)))

Please take a look at the videos that we created on how to make pure ghee and curd starter.



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