• Snake Gourd Pasta Sauce - Tomato free!

    Snake Gourd Pasta Sauce - Tomato free!

    Serves 2

    Did you know that a fully ripened snake gourd vegetable transforms into a wonderful tomato replacement? The pulp surrounding the seeds are a bright red color and have a sweet flavor. The orange creamy pulp that is on the skin has a very nice mild pumpkin flavor and has the texture of very creamy mashed potatoes. These two pulps blended together create a smooth sauce and when adding yogurt whey (the sour flavor) it creates a perfect tomato sauce! So delicious!

    Here is the wonderful dish I put together together today. Mostly all ingredients came from the garden!

  • Fried Taro Root Chips

    Fried Taro Root Chips

    Serves 3

    If you live in the tropics, taro root is a great vegetable to grow on a self sufficient farm. It gives a lot of food and there are so many different ways of preparing dishes with it. Try these fried taro chips. They're crunchy and delicious!

  • Magical Pink Tulsi Infused Lemonade

    Magical Pink Tulsi Infused Lemonade

    Serves 4

    It is spring time and the Tulasi Manjaris are blooming by the hundreds. We have lots of her to offer to Kṛṣṇa. What to do with all the mahaprasad manjaris after offering them to Kṛṣṇa? Here is a lovely and magical drink that is sure to increase your devotion for Tulasi! Tulasi Maharani ki jaya!

    "Lord Hari has personally declared that even after committing thousands of sinful activities in the early part of his life, if one eats tulasi leaves, he will be freed from the reactions to all his sins."

    Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa 9.218

Srimati Radharani's Cooking

Have you ever wondered what Srimati Radharani and the Gopis cook for Kṛṣṇa everyday? Here is a beautiful pastime of the exciting events that take place in Mother Yasoda's kitchen in preparation for Kṛṣṇa's return from the cow herd fields. These verses give us clues to Kṛṣṇa's favorite foods!


Shri Radhika Cooks for Shri Krishna in the Morning

When Gokulananda (Krishna) went to the meadows, Queen Yasoda became eager to prepare His meal, so she engaged everyone in the house. Although all the people in her house were busily engaged in their duties and were all excited with love for Krishna, still Yasoda, bathed by the nectar of affection for her son, directed them all. 

She told her maidservants: "0 Girls! My boy will now return from the barn with Balarama, skinny and hungry, so quickly start cooking! Bring spinach, golden flowers, mung dal, fruits, leaves, ginger, ground nuts, sour spices, turmeric, pepper, camphor, sugar, cumin seeds, cream, tamarind, honey, Jati fruits, cassia leaves, cane sugar, ingredients for puddings, sea salt, coconut pulp, whole wheat, ghee, yoghurt, Tulasi-rice and whole rice, and bring milk from a cow that was sent here this morning by Nanda Maharaja. Bring all these items to the kitchen for preparation!" (1-5)

The maidservants quickly executed this order and mother Yasoda, still overwhelmed with affection for Krishna, called mother Rohini and told her: "Friend Rohini! The tender bodies of our boys (Krishna and Balarama) have been very much injured by the cowherd boys during Their whimsical wrestling games! How many cowherd-servants are there not in my house? Still, despite my prohibition, Krishna and Balarama still go to the meadows Themselves to herd the cows! What can I do?" (6-8)
"Sakhi, our sons are exerting Themselves by dancing and strolling around in the forest! Then, in the evening, when They return, They have no appetite and They hardly eat anything. Thus they become very weak and skinny Alas! In the morning Their bellies are flat! 0 Fair-faced Rohini! Quickly go to the kitchen! Our sons have become very hungry! Prepare enough food to satisfy Their great appetite! Carefully prepare the same curry which They liked so much yesterday, and whatever else They like!" (9-10)
Being thus ordered, Balarama's mother went to the kitchen with her maidservants, lovingly taking all the ingredients for cooking with her. (11)
Eager to increase her son's small appetite by preparing different sweetmeats, the Queen of Gokula desired to bring Shri Radha for cooking. Accidentally, Kundalata, the wife of Upananda's son Subhadra, came along and offered her obeisances to Queen Yasoda. Yasoda told her: "0 Kundalate! One day Durvasa Muni blessed Shri Radhika, saying: "Radha, may the grains You cook taste sweeter than nectar and may anyone who eats them be blessed with a long life span!" Because of this blessing of Durvasa Muni I call Radha here every day to cook! Although my son is a small eater He gets great appetite when He eats Radha's delicious preparations. So please appeal to Her mother-in-law with these words of mine and quickly bring Radha here with all of Her friends!" (12-15)
Although Queen Yasoda daily engages Kundalata like this, it is always again like the first time. There is no fault in this, for the residents of Vraja are not aware of it. Intoxicated by passionate love for Krishna, they experience this routine as ever-fresh. (16)
Kundalata was enthused by Yasoda's words and she became eager to unite the queen bee Radhika with the honeybee Madhusudana. (17)
Although Jatila was very awkward towards her daughter-in-law, the clever Kundalata came to her and announced the message of the Queen of Vraja. Hearing this order, Jatila became worried about Krishna's attachment to her daughter-in-law. But then she remembered Paurnamasi's instruction (chapter 2, verse 45) and told Kundalata: "0 Child! My daughter-in-law is a chaste girl, sweetened by the nectar of the best attributes, but Nanda's son is very whimsical. People in general are faultfinders. But Paurnamasi ordered me never to ignore the orders of the Queen of Vraja. My heart is stirred with doubts! What should I do?" (17-20)
Kundalata replied: "0 Mother! You speak the truth, but you should not think that Krishna is as naughty as wicked men are telling you! Just as the sun nourishes the lotus flowers, but blinds the owls, removes the darkness of the world and gives pleasure to the Koka birds, he cannot please everyone! Similarly, Krishna gives joy to the whole of Vraja, except for some people (like you!)." (21)
"The young girls of the world are maddened by Krishna’s sweetness, so it is proper of you to worry about your daughter-in-law's safety. But do not worry. Krishna will not be able even to see Her shadow, and I will quickly bring Her back to you myself!" (22)
Jatila said: "0 daughter Kundalate! You are known in Vraja for your chastity, so I entrust my innocent daughter-in-law to your hands. The eyes of Nanda's boy are very restless, so please make sure that He does not see Her!" (23)
Then she called her daughter-in-law and told Her: "My girl! Go to the Queen of Nanda, do what she tells You to and then quickly return home! Today You must worship the Sun god!" (24)
When Radha was thus addressed by Jatila, She became very happy within, but, pretending to be unwilling to go, she told Kundalata: "I have work to do at home, a housewife should not wander around from house to house!" (25)
Again Jatila urged Radhika to go to Nandisvara. Then Kundalata, holding Radha's hand, told Her: "0 Chaste girl! Why are You so afraid to go there? I am here to protect You!" Thus Radhika went with her, shivering of joy Her friends, headed by Lalita, followed Her, taking home made laddus along for Krishna's breakfast. (26-27)
On the road Kundalata looked at the scarf that moved on Shri Radhika's chest and joked with her friends about it in loving joy. She said: "Radhe! Even though Your husband was out for three or four days to have the newly purchased fertile cows inseminated by the bulls, he came home last night and slept alone in his own room. Still we can see that Your chest is covered with nail marks (of some man) and Your lips are bitten all over. We are very happy that You are showing clear signs of Your chaste faith to Your husband now!" (28-29)
Lalita, seeing Radha's hidden smile and Her wide, slightly squinting eyes, told Kundalata: "Why are you needlessly causing anxiety to Radha's heart? Yesterday some proud parrot in the forest sat on Her breasts, thinking them to be pomegranates (scratching them), and then he bit Her lips, thinking them to be bimba fruits. This is why She is bruised like this!" (30-31)
Kundalata saw that Radhika's body was stirred with wave-like shivering, remembering Her pastimes with Krishna after hearing Lalita's words. Slightly smiling, Kundalata looked at a nearby pond and said, as if addressing a female lotus: "0 Foolish Padmini! Why are you shivering of joy? Kundalata's (a vine of Kunda flowers, or Krishna's niece) devara (brother-in-law, or giver of joy) Madhusudana (Krishna, or a honeybee) showing His own restlessness, has already enjoyed you (leaving you now after drinking your honey). Now will He drink Your honey again? (Rest assured that He will not enjoy You again!)". (32-33)
Then the clever Visakha, who was expert in making golden earrings of joking words that give pleasure to the ears, told Kundavalli: "0 Friend Kundalate! Just as this tender and pretty lotus is afraid of the black bee, despite blooming up out of attachment to the sun, this lotus-like Radha is afraid of your brother-in-law Krishna!" (34-35)
Being very restless out of Her desire to see Krishna, which came forth from Her strongly arising mood of attachment to Him, Radhika became overwhelmed with very strong loving happiness. As She heard all these sly, joking insinuations She slowly approached the abode of the king of Vraja with Her beloved girlfriends. Arriving there, She offered Her obeisances to Yasoda, Mukunda's mother, who lifted Her up and embraced Her, holding Her to her chest. Being more affectionate than billions of mothers, Yasoda happily smelled Radhika's head and kissed Her, while tears flowed from her eyes. She also embraced each of Radhika's girlfriends and freely inquired from Radhika about Her welfare. Overwhelmed by affection for her son and eager to quickly arrange for His meal, she said: "O Girls! You are famous in Vraja for your expertise in making many sweet preparations! Cook nice food that will give appetite even to a small eater like my boy! 0 Girls! One of you must prepare salty dishes, someone must make a yoghurt-dressed dish, someone should cook in ghee and someone should cook in sugar!" (36-40)
"Radhe! Mother! You are expert in cooking tasty dishes, so please go to my kitchen with Rohini and carefully prepare the best sweets and vegetables with her! O my daughter! Carefully prepare soft Amrta keli and Karpura keli pies that are millions of times sweeter and tastier than nectar! Who else in the three worlds but You knows how to prepare such things that makes Krishna eager to eat?" (41-42)
"0 Girl! Prepare that Piyusa granthi pie that Krishna likes so much and carefully put this in five kinds of nectar with a drink of cardamom and camphor!" (43)
"0 Mother Lalite! Make condensed milk with sugar and camphor! 0 Visakhe! Quickly make lemonade! Sasilekhe! Make Sikharini (a yoghurt drink)! Daughter Campakalate! Make buttermilk! 0 Tungavidye! Daughter! Make Amliksa (milk drink) mixed with all suitable ingredients of different varieties! 0 Mother Citre! Make Matsyandira (a sugar candy drink)! 0 Vasanti! Make white sugar cake! 0 Mangale! Make Jilepis (sweets)! 0 Kadambari! Make camphor pie! 0 Sudevi! Make sweet rice! 0 Rangadevi! Make cane sugar-pie! 0 Lasike! Make laddus of sugar; ground rice and grapes! 0 Kaumudi! Make many kinds of puns! 0 Mother Madalase! Make moon white cakes! 0 Sasimukhi! Carefully make sweet rice with curd! 0 Sumukhi! You make tasty sweet pie! 0 Manimati! Make different cakes of ground rice! 0 Daughter Kancana valli! Make laddus of whole wheat in ghee! 0 Manorame! Make Manohara-laddus! 0 Ratnamale! Make Moticura laddus! 0 Madhavi! Make sesame sweets by frying huskless sesame-seeds! Then you can cut a square sesame-pie! 0 Vindhye! Make a basket shaped sweet pie by frying whole wheat and barley first in ghee and then in sugarwater! Then you can make a split pea pie! 0 Rambhe! You make Karambha (cornmeal mixed with yoghurt) with banana’s cooked in sugar, on a golden plate! 0 Manojne! Squeeze out ripe mangoes and keep them in condensed milk with sugar! 0 Kilimbe! Make ghee from the milk which was taken from the cow named Sugandha this morning and from which I churned yoghurt! 0 Ambike! Slowly stir the milk that King Nanda personally milked from the cow named Dhavala and which he sent here for Krishna and Balarama's consumption!" 0 Girls! Swiftly go to my milk-storehouse, which is filled with big sifting spoons, clay pots and wooden bowls!" (44-55)
"0 Dhanisthe! Take all these items from the storerooms and put them in suitable vessels for preparation! 0 Rangana Malike! Go to the storehouse with Tulasi and quickly get all the required ingredients and place them before your maidservants where they are going to be prepared!" (56-57)
"0 lndumukhi! Take the plums, mangoes, pomegranates, Karira, Amalaki, Limpaka lemons, Badari and Rucaka fruits, and roots like ginger, that have been kept in salt and oil for many days and make them into very tasty pickles, as well as the Tamarind, mangoes, Amalaki, Badari and berries that have been kept in candy water for many days, out of the storeroom and put them on golden plates!" (58-59)
0 Sande, Subhe, Bharani, Pibari and Mistahaste! 0 Girls! Quickly take the best milk, which was taken from the meadows by the servants, on the stoves and start stirring it!" (60)
Shri Gandharvika (Radhika) took off Her veil, rings and ornaments and handed them to Tulasi. She washed Her hands and feet with water handed by Dhanistha. Then she bowed down to Rohini, who lovingly fondled Her as if she was her own daughter-in-law, and entered the kitchen. (61-62)
When all the gopis thus bloomed with joy and went to work, Mother Yasoda anxiously told her servants: "0 Payoda! Place the water, which was brought from the Yamuna yesterday evening and which has been kept in new pots covered with sheets and that is scented with kunkuma, aguru, camphor and sandal, kept cool with soft breezes and moonbeams, and kept in special potholders, around the moonstone bathing dais which is sprinkled with water! 0 Varida! Scent Krishna and Balarama's drinking water pots with aguru-smoke, jasmine, camphor, cloves and roses!" (63-66)
"0 Barber boy Sugandha! Bring the Narayana oil which cures innumerable diseases and nourishes the body, and which has been used by the physician Kalyanada, from my room, for massaging Krishna with." (67)
"0 barbers Subandha and Karpuraka! Quickly get the cool and fragrant Udvartana unguent and the Kalka unguent made of ground Amalaki for the hair!" (68)
"0 Saranga! Quickly press the thin, white overclothes for bathing and the fresh, silken golden clothes scented with fragrant powder for wearing after bathing!" (69)
"0 Bakula! Bring the red turban, the golden shirt, the red underwear and the multicolored sash, the four kinds of traditional dress in Vraja, here, and press the Raucika-dresses, that are fit for dancing and were expertly sewn in different colours with broken and unbroken threads!" (70-71)
"0 Sugandha Vilasa Gandhini! Carefully fill up the pearl gem-studded boxes with unguents such as catuh sama, that consists of vermilion, aloe, sandal and camphor!" (72)
"0 Talika! Grind Gorocana (a yellow pigment) for applying Krishna's tilaka! 0 Sucitra! Grind minerals from Govardhana Hill for drawing pictures on Krishna's face! 0 Puspahasa, Sumanah and Makaranda! Quickly make a garland of Naga Kesara, Vasanti, golden Yuthi and other flowers and scent it with black aloe and camphor!" (73-74)
"0 Sairindhra, MaIm, Makaranda and Bhrngin! Take all the golden jewel studded ornaments that the goldsmiths Rangana and Tankana have lovingly made after many days of hard work, following my great zeal, and have handed me last evening, out of the storeroom! Today sunday is in the Pusya-constellation, so they will bring amrta (nectar or immortality), so ornament my boys with them!" (75-76)
"0 Boy Salika! Make a crest of fresh peacock feathers! 0 Mallika! Make different nice strings of red and white gunja-berries! 0 Jambula! Quickly cut the bad piece from this golden betel leaf with scissors and clean the good piece with a fine cloth! 0 Suvilasini! Quickly scent fresh betel nuts with camphor after crushing them with a nutcracker and moistening them with milk, flaking them like Dhatri-leaves! 0 Rasala and Visalakhya! Make pan with ground cardamom, catechu and cloves that are cleansed with a cloth!" (77-80)
Hearing mother Yasoda's order, the servants went to their work and mother, casting her eyes down the road to see if her sons were coming back, asked a carrier coming back from the meadows: "Is Krishna coming? Why is He so late?" (81)
One carrier told her: "Krishna is making His young calves eat soft fresh grass!" Another one said: "He is making the bulls fight for the cows, being surrounded by His cowherd boyfriends!" (82)
Then mother Yasoda, eager to bring her son back home, told Krishna's servant Raktaka, who was staunchly fixed in his service. "0 Boy Raktaka! Quickly go to the meadows and bring Madhumangala, Balarama and my naughty son here!" (83)
Then mother went to the kitchen and asked Balarama's mother Rohini: "Please show me which curries and other dishes Radha and you have prepared!" (84)
Hearing Yasoda's words, Rohini praised Radha's skill in cooking in different ways. While showing Yasoda all the curries, placed in rows in clay pot on the clean table, she said: "0 fair faced friend Yasode! The expert Radha has made fine sweet rice, kept here in these big clay pots, sweeter and cooler even than the moon! 0 chaste lady! I made this sweet tasty and soft porridge, which gives strength and nourishment, and kept it in this clay pot! And look, there are also samosas with banana, coconut and cream, and different kinds of nicely prepared puddings! Look how Radha has prepared these Piyusa granthi-, Karpura Keli- and Amrta Keli pies! Even I don't know how to make them so nicely! There are two kinds of pea-pies made only with sugar or salt, churned or moistened, and there are also two kinds of Masa-pies made with sugar or salt! There are four kinds of pies with tamarind, plum, sorrel and mango, subdivided in Mudga, slightly sweetened and more sweetened, which makes twelve kinds." (85-91)
"Look, these banana flowers are so fresh with their fresh blossoms, with Mana-stems and the vital parts of the water stems with potatoes, carrots and pumpkins, are fried in ghee and dressed by Canaka paste in a circular fashion." (92-93)
"Look at all these chickpeas fried in ghee only and others that are filled with other ingredients, moistened with whey or amla. Different kinds of cake have been prepared with Canaka-powder, boiled in water. Some are soft and others are hard. (94-95)
"Many kinds of dishes have been made in separate combinations, with either nutmeg, fruits, roots, licorice or black pepper. 0 auspicious friend! This Rayata was made with yoghurt, Rajikaseeds, pumpkin, gourd and jyotsnika. Krishna's beloved Baka-flowers and goldflower-buds are fried with ghee and dressed with yoghurt. Two kinds of flower pies were fried in ghee end dressed with yoghurt. There is also Patola fruit, fried in ghee" (96-99)
"There are big pumpkin-pies with stems, arum, potatoes and Sagar roots. Some of these are mixed with Nalita-curna and cabika. Radha made milk with gourd laced with sugar, cardamom and black pepper. We made turnips in ghee with Dhatri and Bael fruits with yoghurt and sugar. We made soft banana- and pumpkin pies cooked with sugar and yoghurt. It became nicely cool, sour-sweet! These nicely prepared saka's with Nalita, Methi, Satapuspi, Misa, Patola, Vastuka, Vitunna and Marisa defeat the pride of nectar! There are saka's with Kalambi, that gives appetite, Tintidi- juice and black-leafed Nalita with hogplum." (100-105)
Today I made dahl of three kinds, with mukustaka, mudga and masa, that are like a well of nectar! I made moonlike round roti's with wheat thoroughly ground by the maidservants, and I kept rice bound in a thin cloth, which I will boil when Krishna returns from the meadows!" (106-108)
"0 Yasode! Know that we have finished all the rice and vegetables that we had to make. We have cooked, are cooking, or are about to cook all the required preparations!" (109)
When mother Yasoda saw all the fragrant, nicely colored, tasty dishes she became very happy and asked Rohini: "How did you prepare this so nicely?" Rohini said in amazement: "All these ingredients are actually ordinary, but simply because they were cooked by Gandharvika's (Radhika's) elegant hands, they have become so wonderful!" (110-111)
Seeing that Radha, who had become shy and had lowered Her head (after hearing Herself being praised), was perspiring, Yasoda melted with affection and ordered the maidservants to fan Her. (112)
Vrajesvari Yasoda went to the milk-storehouse, where she became very happy to see all the prepared dishes. Then she promptly went to the town gates, anxious for Krishna to return from the meadows (113).
In the poem Govinda Lilamrta, which is the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosvami, who is a honeybee at Shri Chaitanya's lotus feet, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosvami and the blessings of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the third chapter, filled with descriptions of the early morning pastimes.

[Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami, Govinda Lilamrta 2, Chapter 3, Shri Radhika cooks for Shri Krishna in the morning.]



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